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CPT Million Dollar Boxing Fit-Camp

This is the only Boxing Fit-Camp of its kind in Nottingham & the UK. You get the chance to have six weeks of solid Boxing Strength & Conditioning Fitness Training along with Boxing coaching to develop your Boxing skills and it don’t matter if you have never put on a Pair of boxing gloves before or if you are a total beginner.

It’s long been said that boxing Training and Boxing Preparation is one of the best forms of Mental & Physical conditioning & certainly the best way of getting into shape. It’s very rare that you will see a trained boxer going into the ring not looking healthy lean and fit, and this is how you can train for Six weeks with a Professional Coach & conditioning coach.

After six weeks on the CPT Million Dollar Baby Boxing Fit-camp you can bet your Bottom Dollar that you would have loved the experience, and would have also got the Benefits of Doing the Boxing fit-camp which will be:

  • Reduction in weight, body-fat, inches
  • Improvement in Strength and your Cardiovascular Stamina
  • Improvement in Upper& Lower Body tone
  • Improvement to your Boxing skills and understanding of the sweet science
  • Learn all the Punches and all the moves
  • A conditioned body that Performs better & has better hand to eye co-ordination
  • Better hormonal Balance and less Stress


You don’t get in any Pain on CPT Million Dollar Boxing Fit-camp, as you won’t be Sparring UN-less you want to spar with the coach. We supply all the gloves & equipment.

You will experience and use of tools like the skipping Rope’s, Heavy Punch Bag’s, focus pads’, speed ball, the Medicine ball , tyres, sledgehammer, as well as other bits of equipment that will help you progress.

So if you would like to train like how the Champions do train before they get into the ring and fight? If you want to be your Very own Million Dollar Baby and Train Hard, have Fun and Learn Boxing the six week experience is for you. We want to work with you if you are ready girls and guys and are positive to be a Million Dollar Boxer on a CPT Million Dollar Baby Boxing Fit-camp, remember all Fitness levels and Boxing levels are welcome. If you would like to book you must be available Monday & Wednesdays 6pm-7pm.

Please contact 07971312690 for the next dates for the Million Dollar Boxing Fit-camp

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